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Al Fayez Pack company was established with the aim of producing plastic sheets and food packaging containers. It has been actively present in the field for over 27 years with factories in Turkey, Qatar and Iran proudly manufacturing, using the best quality material. We are confident and happy to claim that we always offer the best price of the market to our customers.

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ALFayez caters to a wide range of industries which include top brands from the retail, travel, education, entertainment, hospitality, healthcare and more.

Sheets and Films

Industrial Basket

Egg trays

Disposable Aluminum Food Containers

White Disposable Plastic Container (PS)

Microwavable Disposable Plastic Container (PP)

Clear Disposable Plastic Container (PET)

Disposable Plastic Container


Egg trays

Trays are usually used to store fresh eggs from farms or at farmers' markets. Plastic egg trays are also used by egg processors to wash and sanitize eggs

cold food container

A container is any receptacle or enclosure for holding a product used in storage, packaging, and transportation, including shipping .Things kept inside of a container are protected

Colored containers

Airline meals are prepared by airport catering companies and delivered to the aircraft cabin on time according to flight requirements. that the general plastic products

Aluminum containers

Aluminium is used in food containers for different reasons: it provides a very good barrier to protect food against light and air and preserves food quality; it can be recycled and designed individually

Industrial baskets

Worldwide's wire mesh containers, also referred to as industrial wire baskets, take your difficult-to-store pieces and turn them into an organized and secure storage solution

Films and sheets

a stable, stiff and hard material that does not absorb a lot of water. PET sheets are ideal for industrial, electrical components, bottle and textile uses

Latest products

Aluminum 3 Compartment Container

Mesh industrial basket

medium pastry box

450 Cell Nuts (NB 450)

Round dessert box

large pastry box

Air Bus-S (AB70)




Small lunch 2

Diamond Container(SB 300)